I’m a friend from the FUTURE of Given Grace Cebanico by Jo Salcedo

I really don’t know who is Given Grace Cebanico, I’m not a relative, I’m not a friend, I’m not from UP, I’m just believing I will be her friend in the future. Not in this life time maybe in our next lives .

It’s just accidentally I read what happened to Given Grace Cebanico, after I read the news I search her in Facebook and I read her wall post, after her death and before her death. I don’t know why I’m so affected to what happened, did I saw Given Grace from the past or were really know each other? I’m thinking it really hurts me a lot when I seeing the bad news about her. I’m really confuse if I saw her during UPCAT, or whatsoever. I’m always thinking if there’s really connection between both of us? Only heaven knows…

JUSTICE! I’m sure this will happened in the near future. She deserves justice and luxury in heaven. I saw the news and the suspect are getting caught, God also knows he deserves this justice and Given Grace also helps in making this happened. I hope in real life there are also 100 days to heaven and 49 days (pure love), she deserve to live again for her to do her unfinished business, I hope this TV shows really exist for Given Grace.

Intelligent, Jolly, Family loving that’s how she described by the people knows her. I read her last post “AYOKO NA” with a smile at the end. You will see there how jolly she is. She keep of reclaiming but in the end she’s happy. That’s also what I’m praying for her, after what happened to her she must be happy because Given Grace will be on the side of God. Given Grace has a life that anyone will remember for his goodness and touching of lives. Her body died but her soul remains.

Have a great life after death and I hope we will be friends when it’s already my time. Given Grace Cebanico, the JUSTICE is in reach, you may now REST with PEACE…


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