Love in Different Perspective

Jo Salcedo love

There are lot of People believing that Love is always with Pain, heartaches, heartbreaks and Problems. Is it by experience of them? Story of friends? Story of other people? watched on the movies? Read on books? or IT’S THEIR CHOICE to believe in?

Love can be the happiest feeling, but can also be the worst feeling. You can love anyone, everyone, and anything but you not all of them can love you back. To be happy, it’s matter of choice and matter of patience. It’s better to make a person fall for you because of your efforts, sacrifices, and determination, in that way you can prove it’s TRUE LOVE.

Believe me, Love can be happiest feeling without putting in mind its consequences. How? Believe! You and your partner must believe that you two will always be OK, happy, and both of you will be ready to face problems, facing problems together will the best weapon of all.

Yes, sometimes there are point there will be misunderstanding, feud, issues but IT”S MATTER OF CHOICE to solve it immediately and not let your relation get hurt by that.

Just always remember you always have a choice.


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