Love in Different Perspective

Jo Salcedo love

There are lot of People believing that Love is always with Pain, heartaches, heartbreaks and Problems. Is it by experience of them? Story of friends? Story of other people? watched on the movies? Read on books? or IT’S THEIR CHOICE to believe in?

Love can be the Continue reading


I’m a friend from the FUTURE of Given Grace Cebanico by Jo Salcedo

I really don’t know who is Given Grace Cebanico, I’m not a relative, I’m not a friend, I’m not from UP, I’m just believing I will be her friend in the future. Not in this life time maybe in our next lives .

It’s just accidentally I read what happened to Given Grace Cebanico, after I read the news I search her in Facebook and I read her wall post, after her death and before her death Continue reading